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Fur Kutz Services,

dog grooming Having your dog or cat at our parlour is a great enjoyable, pampering time.
We take our time and carry out a mini visual health check, nice and clean dogyour dog or cat gets a relaxing wash and massage whilst being bathed.
We select an individual herbal shampoo, that suits the skin type of your particular dog or cat. We have the latest soothing drying equipment. We have even had dogs fall asleep while being dried, so it’s that relaxing.

Then onto the hair cut, after an in-depth consultation we carry out what was discussed, we will advise what’s best for you and your dog/s cat/s to make you 100% satisfied. We include nails, ears, anal glands, teeth.  All these are very important to keep on top off, don’t forget even short breeds dogs i.e. Staffordshire terriers, Labradors need baths and we include nails, anal glands health check etc. You would’t like to smell and stay dirty, neither does your dog/s cat/s.

Every dog needs walks and exercise, it releases built up energy, which should make them more relaxed at home and within themselves.
To keep them healthy and filed nails, it’s essential that your dog receives the correct amount of exercise.
While on a walk, it is also a good chance to socialise your dog with the environment, other dogs & people.
We tailor the walk around your needs, i.e. in regards to time. We offer individual, or pack walks.
And for a little extra we can take our dog to a fun location, like a beach or woods.
A reason we offer individual walk is some dogs, do not get on with other dogs, so this way your dog can enjoy a walk to him or herself with out having to worry about other dogs around.
What ever option you select we can ensure that your dog will have a fulfilled time from beginning to end.

Sometimes it can be difficult getting a taxi firm to allow your dog into their car, without charging you an arm and leg along with it.
This is where we come in.   We will take your dog(s) or cat(s) to and from the location of your choice.
We have a safe clean comfortable van, to provide this service for you with affordable prices.
Perhaps you have to travel to the vets, and have no way of getting there, then look no further we will be glad to help out. We provide a quality, easy, hassle free service, unlike commercial taxis.
Our van is fully equipped for transporting your sweethearts, and is also fully insured, cleaned every single week, and your dog will be provided with fresh clean blankets for his or her journey.
So for a hassle free, comfortable, cheap pet taxi, please feel free to contact us.

We at Fur kutz are now selling professional grooming products to all our clients, so you too, can use the same top quality product we use.

We also have a wide range of canine and feline accessorises such as bowls, fancy trendy collars, beds, doggy treats, and even doggy coats.
And all of these items are all at trade prices, and available to you at our shop.